A User’s Guide To Make-Believe

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A User's Guide To Make-Believe

Whatever your fantasy, live it with Make-Believe™. The only limit is you.

Cassie worked at Imagen, the tech giant behind the cutting-edge virtual reality experience Make-Believe™, and she got to know the product well. Too well.  But Cassie has been barred from her escape from the real world, and legally gagged by the company.  Her dream job now seems to be part of a larger nightmare, and Imagen is not done with her yet.

With Imagen holding all the cards, and personal and public freedoms at stake, how far will Cassie go to end the deception?

Immerse yourself in a near-future world akin to Black Mirror and Vox with an all-too-plausible slant on reality and fantasy for our ‘connected’ times.

Praise for A User’s Guide To Make-Believe:

‘Ask not what technology can do for you, but what it can do to you. That’s the terrifying message lurking inside the pages of Jane Alexander’s all-to-real novel about virtual reality gone wrong. Warning: You may rethink your phone settings after reading’
Christina Dalcher, author of Vox

‘Jane Alexander is one of the most innovative and exciting writers around; A User’s Guide To Make-Believe compels you to enter its world and refuses to let you out. Read it, read it now!’
Helen Sedgwick, author of The Growing Season

‘a gripping and disturbing thriller … one to make you think
Alex Massie, Scotland on Sunday

‘What Alexander is trying to do is quite different: to look at how virtual reality would change us … made me think about virtual reality in far greater depth than I can imagine Black Mirror ever doing
David Robinson, the Scotsman

fascinating and entirely plausible … a little bit sci-fi, a little bit dystopian and a lot about the relationships built up between people, and how difficult it can be to let go.
Jessica Hinton