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This Is How We Make It

Welcome to This Is How We Make It – a resource for anyone trying to pursue creative work.

When I started to write fiction, I became obsessed with the interviews with famous writers published by the Paris Review. I pored over every detail of their routines, their methods, their sometimes circuitous pathways to creative success. Partly, I was trying to find out how other people had done what I was trying to do – writing a novel seemed like such an enormous undertaking – and partly I just wanted to feel connected to other writers.

When you’re struggling to carve out time for your creative work, or to earn a living, or to find your focus, it can help to know you’re not alone. Reading about other people’s creative journeys can be inspiring, consoling and encouraging, as well as offering practical tips. In This Is How We Make It, I’m aiming to build up a series of interviews with emerging and mid-career artists of all kinds. I hope these interviews will show how it’s possible to establish yourself as a creative practitioner in a highly competitive environment, as well as giving an honest view of the challenges you’re likely to encounter.

Read the latest interview with choreographer Erik Kaiel.

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