Join the hunt…

To celebrate the publication of The Last Treasure Hunt we ran an online treasure hunt, with a little help from a host of lovely books bloggers. The hunt finished on 21st April 2015 – one top treasure-hunter solved all 19 clues, and won a goodie bag of books – but you can still test your sleuthing skills with the clues below…


The final clue:

A genius detective wants an enemy dead
This is where conflict comes to a head
With one of the marauders
Hanging over troubled waters

Clue #18 – first posted on Seeing Symbols:

A secret kept for 2,000 years
And here’s where it’s buried
Whoever could guess that
This man was once married?

Clue #17 – first posted on Caught Read Handed:

If diamonds and gold are just your thing
And you’re someone who likes a bit of bling
Then perhaps you’re after the same rainbow’s end
Go there lightly with your huckleberry friend.

Clue #16 – first posted on A Novel Book Blog:

At the top of this colourful tower
She’s 24 floors off the ground
Though she came here for revenge
It’s acceptance she’s found

Clue #15 – first posted on Study in Ink:

Two lovers in the water
He leads her out by hand
What a sweet life, he thinks
To be with one so grand

Clue #14 – first posted on The Found Girl:

Once a syllable shorter
This word pointed the way
To the death of a dark flower
The culprit, no one could say

Clue #13 – first posted on Subtle Melodrama:

A 16th century royal rift
This man has accusations to bring
So he’s declared a fiend and a traitor
In this palace fit for a king

Clue #12 – first posted on Lucybird’s Book Blog:

There’s no way out of here alive
But three desperate men
Found a way to set sail –
And were never seen again

Clue #11 – first posted on Blogs-of-a-Bookaholic:

He’s a couple of chocolates short of a box
And he’s had to contend with life’s hard knocks
His sweetheart wants him to put down his gun:
He sees her here, before he starts to run

Clue #10 – first posted on Publish Things:

English ladies abroad came here
For afternoon tea and culture
Banned by ‘The Duke’ from their favourite spot?
This must be war…

Clue #9 – first posted on Reviewed the Book:

This is where trouble erupts
For a man lost in make-believe
Derailing his real-life quest
For a missing negative

Clue #8 – first posted on NeverImitate:

An act of violent vengeance sees
A local gangster plummet
Decades on, a similar fate
Awaited this brutalist summit

Clue #7 – first posted on Literascribe:

There was something strange about this lady
Who’s usually the reverse of shady
Normally she points the way
And she’ll do so again, another day

Clue #6 – first posted on Fiction Fascination:

By the steps of this great dome
Is where the hungry gather
Tuppence a bag
And a sky full of feathers

Clue #5 – first posted on Crimeworm:

A wild Tasmanian genius
Crosses the desert by
And passes this formation
Alone under the Outback sky

Clue #4 – first posted on 52 books or bust:

To unmask the man with glasses
She throws herself from up high
Roaring currents would have killed her
Had he been willing to let her die

Clue #3 – first posted on A Lover of Books:

For the man with the lethal licence
Here’s the site of his May Day
A fruitless pursuit; the assassin’s glider
Carries her away

Clue #2 – first posted on Wonderland Avenue:

Even though they kept a regular date
Their relationship could best be called ‘love-hate’.
Their first date might have been an uphill climb
But it was a memory they’d treasure – in good time

Clue #1 – first posted on Shaz’s Book Boudoir:

From the Space Needle to the Big Apple
This is where our lovers first meet
If you climb to this dizzying height
You’ll find your quest complete

How the hunt works:

•    Each clue refers to a landmark or iconic location in a film. The landmark/location is the answer – when you figure it out, make a note of it!

•    (If you need a hand, check out the #treasurehunt hashtag on Twitter or Instagram for a hint to the landmark’s location…)

•    Clues will be revealed by some of our favourite book bloggers from March 26th until April 21st. Keep checking back here or on the #treasurehunt hashtag for links and new clues.

•    When all the clues are revealed, the first letter of every answer will make an anagram. Solve the anagram and you have your final answer!

•    Email this answer and all the landmarks you figured out to before April 30th to be entered into the prize draw. Two entrants will win a signed copy of The Last Treasure Hunt – and if you’ve guessed the most landmarks and locations, you’ll win a goodie bag and something special from me personally! On top of that you’ll get bragging rights on Twitter and we’ll publicly dub you queen/king sleuth.

•    Good luck!